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Jan 9 - Feb 17 2019


La Filature de Mulhouse, galerie de Photographie

La Filature, scène nationale 20 allée Nathan Katz 68100 Mulhouse France

An immersive exhibition presents an overview of Newsha Tavakolia’s major projects

A new exhibition presents several series of Newsha Tavakolian’s projects in an original scenographic installation, including: Iraq, Listen, Look, Ocalan's Angels, Blank Pages of an Iranian Photo Album, Iran Wall, A Thousand Words for a Picture I Never Took, and FARC Women.

This multi-faceted show punctures and dissects Newsha Tavakolian’s narratives through highlighting elements of portraiture and stillness that often featured in her work. This visual dialogue threads along the various chapters of her photographic quests and offers a more nuanced and complex interpretation of the subjectivities exposed.
The exhibition is presented as part of Vagamondes festival in the photographic gallery of the Mulhouse Filature whom Emmanuelle Walter is the artistic director.

Exhibition organised in collaboration with Magnum Photos and Fovearts.

–Jan. 11, 6pm : « Regards croisés sur l’Iran » meeting with Newsha Tavakolian and Yann Richard
–Jan. 17, 12.30am : « Club sandwich » guided tour around a picnic
– Feb. 6, 7.15pm : « apéro photo » observation and reflection on a photograph around an apéritif

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