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Mar 17 - May 15 2020


Magnum Gallery

19 rue Hégésippe Moreau

Paris, 75018

The Magnum Gallery, Paris, is pleased to present a group exhibition exploring mountains as photographed by Magnum photographers.

Mountains is a touring exhibition that opened at the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Le Locle, Switzerland, in Summer 2019, and moved to the Associazione Forte di Bard, Aosta Valley, Italy, in Fall 2019. Mountains revisited represents the show's latest iteration, realized from the original exhibition.

Magnum is not known for landscape photography, though the theme runs through the agency’s 80-year history. These photographs are not only a testament to a human fascination with mountains all over the world, but also to the veneration and fear that they can inspire.

This exhibition takes the visitor on a journey through the Magnum archives. Through a photographic exploration of how humans have made mountains their own, we can see the extent to which the photographers have pushed geographical boundaries in search of a story. Landscapes are, after all, culturally constructed: the result of a human view of nature, at a particular time, in a particular society. To explore the Magnum archives is to discover places through a new pair of eyes; it is a backstage pass to our planet’s sights unseen.

Opening Hours
Mon-Fri, 10am – 6pm

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