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In collaboration with Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center, hear the Magnum photographers speak about their practices

Ahead of their joint workshop, Sharing Visions: A Masterclass on Contemporary Image Making, hear Magnum photographers Bieke Depoorter and Peter van Agtmael speak about their individual photographic practices, contemporary image-making, and Magnum Photos.

The talk will be followed by a Q&A session...View details
Jul 6 - Jul 23 2020.
Spend five days over a 3-week period with Jim Goldberg and Alessandra Sanguinetti on an intensive online masterclass.

In these strange times we are all facing, this masterclass will help you to re-evaluate your practice.

Participants will be expected to photograph intensively and must be familiar with their camera and software.

This workshop offers:

– One-on-one with both Jim Goldberg and Alessandra......
Artist Talk
Apr 20 - .
While many journalists have found ways to cover the COVID-19 pandemic from a distance, photographers remain on the front lines. Photos and video stir emotions and offer important information for viewers. But that work simply can’t be done over the telephone. So photographers are perhaps particularly at risk as journalists work to inform and educate the public. What can they do to stay healthy? What......
Apr 17 - Aug 2 2020.
American photographer Susan Meiselas (b. 1948) seeks to bear witness to stories that might otherwise go unnoticed. She has traveled from rural county fairs to conflict-ridden Central America, working closely and over long periods with her subjects, focusing her lens on what she thinks the public needs to see. A member of Magnum Photos since 1976, Meiselas creates photographs that raise provocative......
Jun 20 - Nov 28 2020.
Photography is a medium that is intimately, inextricably, and inherently tied to time. In the most essential way, photography is a product of the passage of time, however brief: during the analogue era, the camera’s shutter would open, light would hit the sensitized negative, and for that duration, a trace of the world was imprinted on the photographer’s film.

The bond between photography and time,......
Artist Talk
Mar 15 - .
Magnum Photos is partnering with the Boston Consulting Group to create new work examining the relationship between humanity and technology.

Since the dawn of civilization, humans have used technology to transcend the limits of the human body. From the development of the wheel to the breakthroughs of modern medicine, we have continually strived to make up for what Shakespeare termed “the thousand......
Mar 6 - Aug 23 2020.
Exiles and Panoramas places the Exiles series in contrast to a personal selection of Koudelka’s panoramas, taken as of the mid eighties. While he had been entirely dedicated to 35mm photography for his previous work, a panorama camera now gave him the opportunity to discover the world in a new way: with pictures of expansive landscapes and coastal shorelines taken in Europe and the Middle East, he......