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Moises Saman
Spanish, American. b. 1974 (Member)
May 31, 2019
Feature - Deported to a Warzone: Gang Violence in El SalvadorMoises SamanEl Salvador has long been a byword for violence. But 2015 saw more homicides than in any of the civil war years, making the tiny Central American nation the world’s murder capital. Nearly one person dies every hour, and less than five percent of the killings are solved. At the center of the mayhem are rival street gangs spawned... More...
Apr 10, 2019
In the time of misinformation campaigns, “fake news” accusations, and new forms of media manipulation, the truth can be elusive. Political strongmen work to discredit, vilify, or suppress reporting that they feel threatened by.

On assignment for TIME, Moises Saman traveled the world to photograph brave journalists determined to report the truth regardless of threats posed by governments or gangs.... More...
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Jan 16, 2019
Having eliminated ISIS from the country, Iraqi authorities have launched a campaign of retribution against alleged ISIS sympathizers. A corrupt and cruel system has used a broad brush to label thousands of men and boys as ISIS affiliates and hundreds have been hung despite the lack of firm evidence. At the same time, thousands of Sunni families with alleged ties to ISIS fighters have been interned... More...
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Nov 13, 2018
Magnum photographer Moises Saman first travelled to Iraq’s Sinjar district, in 2014, to document the plight of the region’s Yazidis as part of an assignment for TIME. As the Islamic State (IS) closed in on the town of Sinjar, long a hub for the Yazidi minority in the region, its inhabitants were faced with a choice between subjugation – and likely execution – and flight.

Many of those who fled took... More...
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Aug 7, 2018
The Yazidi people of northwest Iraq had been targeted by ISIL during the latter’s invasion in 2014. Fleeing their homes, they found sheltered atop Mount Sinjar the the surrounding hills.

Liberated from ISIL two years ago, the town of Sinjar remains in ruins with few residents having returned. Due to the lack of infrastructure in their former towns as well as fields of uncleared landmines, 13,000... More...