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Martin Parr
British, b. 1952 (Member)
For the NICE 2015. PROMENADE(S) DES ANGLAIS exhibition, Martin Parr treats visitors to a real-time photo shoot using the Promenade as a backdrop in his photographic study of the city of Nice.
The Martin Parr Studio team will be throwing themselves into a veritable 4-day photographic marathon to create, edit, print and exhibit the photographs, as Parr takes them, in the studio set up in the Artists Read full story
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Nov 5, 2019
The selfie phenomenon has transformed our social culture. It is commonly understood to be a photograph that has been taken by oneself, usually with a smart phone or webcam and shared on social media. Today, people post millions of selfies each day to social media sites, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and are shared between users. All of this is the work of an instant, positioning the smart-phone... More...
May 14, 2019
This summer Martin Parr’s work will be displayed
within the gardens of the famous palace

Martin Parr has taken inspiration from the crowds of
people who visit Versailles, their cosmopolitan and
diversity giving rise to a colourful series of images, rich
in emotion and typical ironic humour. This series are
on display in the Pavillon Frais, located in the French
Garden of the Petit Trianon, now open... More...
Feb 14, 2019
“In the States, there is a strong tradition of street
photography; in the UK, we have the beach.”

Easily recognizable for their bright colours and unusual
close-ups, Martin Parr’s photographs capture with great
humour the peculiarities of his fellow human beings on
the beach. Perhaps the ultimate place of freedom, the
beach is also one of the rare public spaces where it is
still possible to encounter... More...
Jan 31, 2019
The British photographer’s work exploring tokens and trinkets travels to Bogota

Martin Parr is a chronicler of our age. In the face of the constantly growing flood of images released by the media, his photographs offer us the opportunity to see the world from his unique perspective. At first glance, his photographs seem exaggerated or even grotesque. The motifs he chooses are strange, the colours... More...
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Dec 18, 2018
"This summer I had the pleasure of finally getting to shoot photos at Lord's, the "home of cricket", in north London. It was well worth the wait to be able to capture this bastion of sporting tradition and establishment life on film. The members all wear jackets and ties and queue outside from the early hours to get the best seats.
I had a question for their press office: which cricket ground in Asia... More...