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Aosta Valley's Soaring Peaks
June 7, 2019
by Paolo Pellegrin
Mountain territories have historically been embedded in an old quest for the sublime, capturing the imagination of painters, poets and photographers alike: from Leonardo da Vinci depiction of the Grigne massif to Robert Capa’s images of the Swiss Alps. Against this backdrop, Alpine iconography might already seem complete making it challenging to provide a fresh look at this world of heights.
Equipped with the same dare and determination of his war coverage, Magnum Photographer Paolo Pellegrin plunged into the mountains of Aosta Valley in Italy. His black and white photographs depict the soaring peaks, deep gorges and snow-covered surfaces that characterize this enchanting landscape while also providing a glimpse at the signs of a warming world.
Pellegrin’s image will be part of the exhibition “Mountains by Magnum Photographers” to be held at the Museum of Fine Art, Le Locle, Switzerland from June 14 to October 13 2019.