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The Guarani Indians of São Paulo
November 13, 2017
by Moises Saman
While documenting an innovative scientific study surveying the effects of climate change in the São Paulo region of Brazil, Moises Saman encountered the Guarani Indians. Life is precarious for the Guaranis living in Sunshine Village, a patch of forest just outside the city. Centuries of logging, hunting, burning and the introduction of foreign plant species have taken their toll on the forest, and the Indians are struggling to keep their way of life. “In the old days, we would take care of the woods and the woods would take care of us,” says The Sunshine Village shaman, Laurindo Tupa Miri Verissimo. “Nowadays it is so very hard. Even the animals lack food: there are so few of them, we don’t have the heart to hunt them. It is no longer pristine forest: we cannot find here what we need.”

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