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Maria Lionza by Cristina García Rodero
April 12, 2016
by Cristina Garcia Rodero
The Gardens of the Daoulas Abbey (Finistère, France) present from May 12th to December 31st the exhibition ‘Maria Lionza’ by Cristina García Rodero.

Maria Lionza is the central figure of one of the largest cults in Venezuela. Her cult is a blend of African, indigenous, and Catholic beliefs similar to the Caribbean Santeria. She is revered as a goddess of nature, love, peace and harmony. The exhibition contains 25 works revolving around this mythical Venezuelan character, whose cult dates back to the fifteenth century. Cristina García Rodero developed this work over a decade (1998-2008), photographing the rites, ceremonies and customs of María Lionza’s worshippers in today’s Venezuela.

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