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Christopher Anderson Workshop
January 28, 2013
by Christopher Anderson
Emotion and narrative are key concepts in this inspirational workshop by Magnum photographer Christopher Anderson, currently working for New York Magazine as their first ever photographer-in-residence.

Develop your personal visual language alongside learning efficient strategies for your career in order to take your next professional step.


The focus of this workshop will be to equip students with tools to find and define their personal visual language. Emphasis will then be placed on mapping a strategy for your projects and career. Through critiquing, photographing, editing and sequencing, we will explore the path to your vision as an author. Each photographer brings their own unique life experience to the act of image making and this workshop will concentrate on channelling that individuality into accomplishing your goals as a photographer.

Together, we will build on defining your photographic voice in ways that push beyond the boundaries of single image making. We will concentrate on emotion and narrative rather than the mechanics of pretty pictures. It is Christopher's hope that you come away from this workshop changed in how you view your own photography and with a clearer understanding of who you are as an author.

The workshop begins with a critique of your work. The goal of this critique is not to see if your pictures are good or bad, but rather to give Christopher a chance to understand you. During the next days we will spend time together to discuss and review pictures and part of the day will be spent photographing a subject with the goal of building towards a narrative at the end of the week. This will be a week of discovery and growth. We will work hard, but we will also have fun. You will be challenged, even pushed, but I hope you will come away inspired.

This workshop is geared to serious photography students and recent graduates as well as mid-career professionals and artists.

The workshop starts each morning at 10:00 am and ends late each day. Portfolio reviews and feedback sessions are mixed with presentations and critique of participants' photo projects, as well as discussions on photography. You will also work shooting your own individual projects.

1. Students will come with a portfolio. This can be in any form and of anything you like. Often students choose to present a digital slide show, but that is up to you. Christopher only asks that it be kept under 50 images for time. Don't show what you think he wants to see. Show him the photographs that best represent WHO you are and what you do.

2. This will be a shooting workshop, so you will need a digital camera. You will present your images digitally since there will not be time to process and print your photos. It would also be good to think about a subject to shoot during the week. Maybe even do a little research for it. It would be helpful to have a couple of back up ideas just in case.

Christopher Anderson was born in Canada in 1970 and grew up in west Texas. He first gained recognition for his pictures in 1999 when he boarded a handmade, wooden boat with Haitian refugees trying to sail to America. The boat, named the Believe In God, sank in the Caribbean. In 2000 the images from that journey would receive the Robert Capa Gold Medal. They would also mark the emergence of an emotionally charged style that has come to characterize his work since. Read more here. Or watch this short video documentary on Christopher made by Vice.

Christopher is currently New York Magazine's first ever photographer-in-residence. He is the author of two monographs: Nonfiction, published in 2003 and CAPITOLIO, published in 2009 by RM and named one of the best photography books of 2009/10 at the Kassel Photo Book Festival in Germany. In May 2012, his third book, Bleu Blanc Rouge will be released and SON is scheduled for release in spring of 2013.

He lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Christopher Anderson’s workshop is held at the Academy at Fotografiska in Stockholm, Sweden. All participants will share a small lounge where you can have coffee and tea and hang out with your fellow workshop participants as well as the participants form other workshops next door.

The price includes the workshop fee, lunch Wednesday until Sunday, and afternoon snacks.

You are expected to bring all necessary equipment (bring your laptop too, if you have one). You are also expected to make your own travel arrangements and find accommodation in Stockholm.

If you cancel your booking 45 days or more before the workshop starts, you will receive a full refund of your workshop fee (- 850 SEK processing fee). If you cancel between 45 and 14 days before the workshop starts you will receive a 50% refund of your workshop fee. If you cancel less then two weeks before the workshop starts, you will only receive a 50% refund if the position is filled by another participant. If you decide to cancel your registration you may not transfer or sell your place to another photographer yourself. Fotografiska will transfer your place to the first person on the waiting list.

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