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The Tunisian Method. Featuring Moises Saman
November 24, 2015
by Moises Saman
The Nobel Peace Prize Exhibition 2015 is about the National Dialogue Quartet. It tells the story of Tunisia after the Arab Spring, about the road from chaos and mass protests to a new constitution and free elections.
The Nobel Peace Prize for 2015 is awarded to the Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet. The quartet is made up of four organizations which joined forces and took on the role of mediator when Tunisia stood on the brink of civil war in 2013. In its announcement, the Norwegian Nobel Committee wrote:

More than anything else, the Prize is intended as an encouragement to the Tunisian people who, despite major challenges have laid the groundwork for a national fraternity, which the Committee hopes will serve as an example to be followed by other countries.

This year’s Peace Prize Exhibtion, the eleventh in a row at the Nobel Peace Center, is not about a person or an organization. It’s about a cooperation, a country and its people.

The Tunisian Method gives an insight into the development in Tunisia after the Arab Spring, and the role played by the National Dialogue Quartet in getting the country back on an even keel. What was their method, and what can we learn from it?

Thanks to the preparatory work in which the Quartet played a significant part, the people of Tunisia were able, in January 2014, to adopt an entirely new constitution, which has been widely praised for its balance and inclusiveness. On behalf of the the Nobel Peace Center, Magnum photographer Moises Saman has interpreted the Tunisian constitution in a series of images. Via interviews and a documentary film produced especially for the exhibition, you can learn more about the Quartet’s work. The exhibition also offers you the chance to put the visitors’ own capacity for dialogue to the test.

The Nobel Peace Prize laureates will themselves open the exhibition on 11 December 2015. The exhibition will be open to the public from 12 noon on 12 December, and will be free of charge until 30 December 2015.

The Nobel Peace Center is staging the Nobel Peace Prize Exhibition in conjunction with designer Christine Lohre, Professor Ragnhild Johnsrud Zorgati, Tunisia Live, and photographer Moises Saman / Magnum Photos.

The exhibition is supported by The Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions (LO-Norway) and The Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO)/The Federation of Norwegian Industries.

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