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Arrivals and Departures
June 18, 2013
by Jacob Aue Sobol
The exhibited series, ‘Arrivals and Departures: Moscow – Ulaanbaatar – Beijing’, consists of black-and-white photographs taken on journeys between these three mutually distant cities.

This is the first series Jacob Aue Sobol, a Magnum photographer from Denmark, made using a digital camera, the Leica M Monochrome. In a unique idiom, these photos tell stories of towns. Whereas Sobol’s street photography is distinguished by almost painterly compositions and the masterly use of the grey scale, his portraits are characterized by a nearly painful sense of intimacy and proximity, in which the boundary between subject and observer seems almost to dissolve.

The exhibition is being held under the auspices of the Danish Ambassador to the Czech Republic, Mr. Christian Hoppe.

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