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Arrivals and Departures - Russia, Mongolia, China
June 2, 2015
by Jacob Aue Sobol
In 2012 Magnum photographer Jacob Aue Sobol travels from Moscow to Beijing with the Trans-Siberian railway. The journey through Russia, Mongolia and China is an intimate encounter with the people in the cities and the train from Moscow via Ulaanbaatar and all the way to Beijing.

'My Arrivals and Departures project reflects an inner journey, a study of emotional stages that control and inspire us and keep us humans on the move' - Jacob Aue Sobol.

With his unique visual language and pictorial composition, Jacob’s body of work inspires and influences many young photographic talents.

The works in the exhibition have not been shown in Denmark before. In addition, Jacob Aue Sobol has not exhibited on Danish soil for years. With this show, Gallery Naboløs wish to focus on the only Danish Magnum Photos photographer and one of the most expressive contemporary photo artists in Denmark.

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