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Josef Koudelka - Nationality Doubtful
September 1, 2015
by Josef Koudelka
Midway between art and documentary, Josef Koudelka has forged a career that spans more than five decades, having been a member of Magnum Photos for over forty years.
This exhibition of more than 150 photographs covers his entire trajectory, covering his first experimental projects created in the late 1950s and 1960s, his historical series Gypsies, Invasion and Exiles, and his major panoramic landscapes of more recent years. His photography is imbued with the sense of a missing homeland which has been such a feature of his work since his exile from Czechoslovakia following the Soviet invasion of Prague, as well as reflecting his constant interest in regions in conflict.

The exhibition was co-organized by the Art Institute of Chicago and the J. Paul Getty Museum in association with Fundación MAPFRE.

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