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Feldpost in Padova
May 13, 2019
by Thomas Dworzak
Thomas Dworzak WWI project goes on show during the
International Month of Photojournalism in Padova
Feldpost was the name given to the German military
postal system used before, and during, World War I.
Thomas Dworzak’s project of the same name has seen
the Magnum photographer, over the last seven years,
create an annotated image for each day of the Great War
– over 1,500 of them in total. These ‘postcards’, with their
extensive explanatory notes, represent a vision of the war
which conveys it’s truly global nature: a complex picture
of the conflict that delves into its far-reaching impact,
myriad complexities and peculiarities, as well as its
present day reverberations.
Chris Bird, who worked as a reporter with Thomas
Dworzak across the former Soviet Union and the former
Yugoslavia, wrote the many texts that accompany and
elucidate each photograph.

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