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Israeli "Counter-Terrorism Boot-Camp"
February 13, 2019
by Thomas Dworzak
Caliber 3 is a Counter Terror & Security training academy established by Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) in Gush Etzion Israeli settlement, a colony in the southeast of Bethlehem, West Bank.
Run by active military members of the IDF, Caliber 3 present security solutions, high threat protection, intelligence operations and tactical training to military, law enforcement, government agencies and commercial clients around the world. Besides that, Caliber 3 became a "counter-terrorism boot-camp", a tourist attraction displaying former Israeli commandos operating in war and terrorist scenarios. Tourist visits began in 2009, and while most of those signing up are American visitors, there have also been tourists from China, Japan, India, and South America, keen to experience this Israeli-style security training, in an entertainment heavily condemned by the Palestinian mayor of the nearby town, al-Khader, and "Peace Now" Israeli anti-settlement movement.
Magnum photographer Thomas Dworzak photographed the academy during a boot-camp organized for tourists.
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