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Sergio Larraín Retrospective in São Paulo
March 20, 2019
by Sergio Larrain
A retrospective exhibition of the Chilean photographer Sergio Larrain traces the photographer’s short but highly influential career

A good image is created by a state of grace. Grace expresses itself when it has been freed from conventions, free like a child in his early discovery of the reality. The game is then to organize the rectangle.” – Sergio Larrain

With his poetic approach, Sergio Larraín inspired a whole generation of photographers. A collection of rare images on display at the Instituto Moreira Sales, highlight the essential photographs from his career. A penchant for the vagabond’s life, a profound desire to be in the world and the purity of the act led him to become a photographer, but Sergio Larraín nonetheless spent the greatest part of his existence in seclusion, practicing meditation, yoga, writing and drawing. He had left a brilliant body of work behind him, he had the wisdom to interrupt when it no longer brought him the freedom he expected. After an extended period of self-searching (though writing as well), he was to find himself in a state of voluntary deprivation.

Organisers: Consejo Nacional de la Cultura y las Artes y de la Dirección de Asuntos Culturales y de Información del Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores del Estado de Chile, Magnum Photos, FoveArts, Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson

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