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Sergio Larrain. Retrospective
February 16, 2015
by Sergio Larrain
A penchant for the vagabond’s life, a profound desire to be in the world and in the purity of the act led Sergio Larrain to become a photographer. Nevertheless, Larrain spent the greatest part of his existence in seclusion, practicing meditation, yoga, writing and drawing. He has left a brilliant body of work behind, like a meteorite whose trajectory he had the wisdom to interrupt when it no longer brought him the freedom he expected. After a long period of self-searching (through writing as well), he ultimately found himself in a state of voluntary self-deprivation.
The exhibition traces his career in a mostly chronological fashion, from the abandoned children to the freer images of the satori and the drawings that occupied him for nearly thirty years.
The terms he uses to describe the state of grace necessary for ‘receiving’ a good image are mystical, even spiritual, as if the images were already present in the cosmos and the photographer acted as a medium.

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