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Central American Migrant Caravan
February 6, 2019
by Jerome Sessini
On October 12th a large group on Central American migrants left Honduras and began its trek north, largely on foot. Fleeing poverty and gang-generated violence, thousands formed into “caravans” which provide more protection than traveling alone or in smaller groups. Three weeks later they arrived in Mexico City where aid workers directed this caravan of 5,000 into the Jesus Martinez stadium, where they were permitted to rest for a few days and seek medical attention before continuing on to their final destination: the US border.

Jerome Sessini documented members of the caravan while they were in Mexico City. Speaking of his approach, he said: “The growing migratory flows of this last decade have built into the collective imagination a uniform image of a migrant,” “I wanted to capture the faces of this migratory Odyssey. Every migrant is a life, and has a past and a future.”
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