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Oct 12, 2018
by Josef Koudelka
Josef Koudelka started using a camera in panoramic format in 1986 while participating in the photographic mission of the DATAR, whose objective was to “represent the French landscape of the 1980s”. He thus criss-crossed France, then the entire world, to take stock of modern humanity’s influence on landscape.

This exhibition gathers 40 panoramic photographs selected by the artist with François Hébel.... More...
Oct 12, 2018
by Robert Capa R
John Steinbeck once wrote that his friend Robert Capa knew that “you cannot photograph war, because it is largely an emotion.” However, continued Steinbeck, "he did photograph that emotion by shooting beside it. He could show the horror of a whole people in the face of a child."

This exhibition shows a selection of Robert Capa's photographs about World War II as well as many portraits including those... More...
Oct 12, 2018
by Raymond Depardon
In the tradition of the great American photographers of rural life, Raymond Depardon shows the France of Farmers – raw, simple and direct. Through his art of framing, each photograph “places the country into ‘a grid,’ cropping and itemizing it, reconstructing it as he pleases in a vast series of similarities and echoes,” writes Bruno Racine, president of the Bibliothèque nationale de France, in his... More...
Oct 12, 2018
by Elliott Erwitt
Dog Dogs draws from an extensive series by American photographer Elliott Erwitt and includes over 60 black-and-white photographs taken around the world between the years 1946 and 2002. Erwitt sees the dignity of the ankle-high Chihuahua, the anxiety of the homeless hound, the patience of the pom-pommed poodle and the matchless joy of the homely but well-loved pug.

These acute observations of the... More...
Oct 12, 2018
by Leonard Freed
Since the early 1950s, documentary photographer Leonard Freed had been chronicling life in the Western world with a profoundly humanist vision. Worldview is the most ambitious exhibition of Freed’s work ever produced. It spans his full fifty-year career, including his coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the American civil rights movement, the period of post-war German reconstruction, and... More...
Oct 12, 2018
by Josef Koudelka
In 1968, Josef Koudelka was a 30-year-old acclaimed theatre photographer who had never made pictures of a news event. That all changed on the night of August 21, when Warsaw Pact tanks invaded the city of Prague, ending the short-lived political liberalization in Czechoslovakia that came to be known as Prague Spring. In the midst of the turmoil of the Soviet-led invasion, he took a series of photographs... More...
Oct 12, 2018
by Herbert List
This selection of 120 works sheds some light on the elusive oeuvre of the German photographer Herbert List, and explores why it is so difficult to categorize his work. He would work in almost every genre that photography has to offer: architecture, still life, street photography, portraiture, documentation and cataloguing. Yet he also blurred the demarcation between those fields; architectural shots... More...