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by Magnum Group


Mar 15 - Sep 3 2017


Nobel Peace Center

Nobel Peace Center

Oslo, 0250


Detours consists of five different photo essays and one piece of contemporary art, which have been brought together to form a unified exhibition.

The exhibition features photographs by 24 Magnum photographers, who photographed people all over the world who lost their home and their homeland. People who, for political or economic reasons, were obliged to leave their country, were forced into exile by war or natural disasters, and who possess only the little they can carry. The exhibition eschews any form of historical, chronological or geographical order. The aim is to visualize the sheer number of international conflicts which have occurred since the Second World War, and the resultant masses of exiles and refugees.

From March 15th, 2017
To September 3rd, 2017

Nobel Peace Center
Brynjulf Bulls Plass 1
0250 Oslo

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