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May 1 - Dec 31 2017.
This year, Magnum Photos will celebrate 70 years of contribution to photography and world history with the launch of a global public events, exhibition and new content programme. Full details of the special anniversary programme are published today via a dedicated anniversary hub on Magnum’s new storytelling website

Centred on the three themes of community, witnessing history and Magnum Photos Now,...View details
Sep 30 - Feb 4 2018.
A celebration of half a century’s work by Elliott Erwitt opens in Salo.

French/American photographer Elliott Erwitt has been working with Magnum Photos since 1954. Erwitt is known as a classical photographer who, throughout his production, has used black and white film to capture iconic images of people and the relationships between them, and also of dogs and other animals. As a photographer, Elliott......
Sep 16 - Jan 14 2018.
The first Bruce Davidson retrospective in the Netherlands opens this autumn.

This autumn the Nederlands Fotomuseum presents the first retrospective in the Netherlands of the work of American photographer Bruce Davidson (b. 1933). Since the 1950s, Davidson has devoted his time and energy to photographing those for whom the ‘American Dream’ has turned out to be unattainable and who have attempted to......
Sep 7 - Feb 11 2018.
Independence, freedom, spirituality, and individuality are at the heart of an in-depth exploration of Alec Soth’s work in Germany.

Alec Soth is regarded as one of the most important figures in documentary photography. His exhibition Gathered Leaves at the House of Photography at the Deichtorhallen Hamburg will feature a comprehensive selection of 69 photographs that offer an in-depth look at the work......
Sep 20 - Dec 17 2017.
A decades-spanning curation of photographs by Henri Cartier-Bresson builds a collective portrait of the people of Europe.

Europeans is an exhibition of iconic black and white photographs taken by Cartier-Bresson as he journeyed across the European continent between 1929 and 1991. The photographs portray Europe, its landscape and people, in various situations and at different stages of history, providing......
Sep 4 - Oct 4 2017.
Magnum photographers explore exile and refuge since WWII in this comprehensive exhibition.

The exhibition Odyssey Europe features 50 photographs on exile and refugees since the end of World War II by Magnum Photographers. Pictures by Robert Capa, David 'Chim' Seymour and Erich Lessing tell of revolutionary Hungary, reunited Germany, Afghanistan, Iraq and Kosovo. They testify to the famine in Ethiopia......
Sep 22 - Feb 25 2018.
The Swiss artist’s reportages from the most remote corners of the world.

The Werner Bischof's exhibition Point of View, curated by his son Marco Bischof, presents 250 photographs, largely vintage editions, taken from his most important reportages. The collection covers the long journeys that brought the Swiss artist to the most remote corners of the world, from India to Japan, from Korea to Indochina,......