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Mar 15, 2018
Developing Personal Projects

Magnum Photos is proud to present a new two-day masterclass in Hong Kong led jointly by Magnum members Olivia Arthur and Bieke Depoorter and focused on developing in-depth personal projects.

In the tradition of Magnum’s commitment to emerging photographers, this exclusive masterclass will give limited participants a rare opportunity to refine their photographic practice... More...
Mar 15, 2018
Take your project one step further and find ways to distribute your work

Take your photographic project to the next level and discover new ways to distribute your work across various streams under guidance of award-winning photographer Peter van Agtmael and key professionals, with Magnum and LensCulture in Amsterdam.
This workshop will lead students to fully develop their portfolios with distribution... More...
Mar 12, 2018
Join Magnum photographer Diana Markosian and curator and writer Charlotte Cotton for a two-day masterclass on photographic process and practice.

Magnum Photos is excited to announce a professional practice workshop in Los Angeles, taking place on Saturday 14 & Sunday 15 April 2018 as part of LA’s Month of Photography.

Led by Magnum photographer Diana Markosian and independent writer and curator Charlotte... More...
Mar 6, 2018
Push your work and career to the next level with the guidance of a Magnum nominee

Magnum Photos is pleased to announced a new two-day Masterclass in Hong Kong with Magnum nominee Sohrab Hura.

Organized in collaboration with Menos Photos, as Hong Kong hosts Art Basel Hong Kong 2018 with an exhibition of Sohrab Hura, this inspirational two-day event will be focused on finding new possibilities and... More...
Mar 1, 2018
Develop your photographic practice with one of two visiting Magnum photographers

For the first time in over five years, Magnum Photos is proud to announce an exclusive workshop in Australia. Offered in partnership with the Australian Centre of Photography in Sydney, Magnum photographers Olivia Arthur and Bieke Depoorter will guide a group of participants through a 5-day programme focused on developing... More...
Mar 1, 2018
Learn how to work with commercial clients

Magnum Photos and British Journal of Photography are proud to announce the next Professional Practice workshop in our series “Commercial Projects - How to approach and retain commercial clients”.

Sat 28 & Sun 19 April 2018

Learn how to define a personal vision for your commercial work, create a portfolio, improve your creative pitch, build your audience... More...
Feb 28, 2018
Magnum Photos and British Journal of Photography
are proud to announce a new series of Professional Practice workshops in London this year.

The first of the four sessions is:

Editorial Assignments - How to succeed in the editorial market

Sat 17 & Sun 18 February 2018

Learn from industry experts how to approach the editorial market, develop and refine a portfolio, improve your storytelling skills,... More...